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Dessert at Gopals

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

This is currently my favourite place to eat in the city.  Gopals is the vegetarian Hare Krishna joint on Swanston Street.   It has actually been my fave place to eat for the past couple of years.  I particularly like the desserts…  and can you imagine my surprise when I saw they have installed a whole new dessert cabinet.   My favourite is the trifle with fresh fruit mixed into it…   followed by the apple crumble and the slices.   I usually over eat when I go there…  but the food is so delicious I can’t help myself.

You can find Gopals upstairs at 139 Swanston Street in Melbourne…   just opposite the Town Hall.

Here Chooky Chooky!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

I am loving Melbourne to bits right now.   I just finished my 5 day mini break from work and spent the time wandering the streets of the CBD.   I’ve noticed that the Autumn season has been very slow starting.   It’s almost winter and usually the streets are clogged with the leaves from the trees by now.
I came across this group who are protesting over the chicken battery farms and the animal cruelty that still exist in Australia.   These guys are travelling Australia for 6 months with the human cage to demonstrate the conditions for the chickens.   So see more about their cause check out this site.


Posting for the Sake of Posting

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Well here it is!   I have turned This Week in the Loft into a more bloggish style of area so that I can post more often and in less time.   Rather than wait for a bunch of things to talk about (and forget half of them) I can post during each week.  Won’t that be fun?
And I’m going to start with my 5 days off work and on shoots.   I spent my 5 days shooting 5 models.   2 of them cancelled and one was replaced.  So I ended up doing 4 shoots.  2 here at the Loft and the otehr 2 in a hotel in the city.  It’s a shame the sun didn’t come out beacuse I much prefer doing photo shoots outdoors.  Here is a shot from one of the shoots.   I am REALLY happy about how my camera is performing at the moment.  Those tips from Tyson have really paid off.

Shot of the Week


















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