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Shot of the Week

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I met this sexy lad last week while I was in Perth.   After seeing that body I convinced him to model for me.   I’ll post the rest of the shoot in the Private Room soon.

Did you know that the Private Room now has over 50,000 photos and more than 350 videos?    It has been surprising how quickly the galleries and video arcades have built up!

Taxi Strike

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

300 smelly dirty taxis were out of service and blocking the streets of Melbourne on Monday night.   One thing I noticed during my trip to Perth was that the taxis there are clean and don’t smell.   I almost choked on the way to Melbourne airport a couple of weeks ago as my taxi drive sat in a really stinking taxi cab.  I couldn’t believe people would sit in it and not say anything….  well I didn’t so I guess others wouldn’t either.   I really should have gotten out and taken another one.  But my suitcase was already in the boot.

So 300 drivers sat in the street overnight (and it got down to 6 degrees) blocking the main streets until the state government stepped in and promised to make it mandatory for taxi owners to install protection barriers around the taxi drivers seat.    Over the weekend a 23 year old student taxi driver was stabbed and left for dead.   With his car stolen he laid dying on the ground for 3 hours before anyone saw him.   In Australia at least one taxi driver is killed each year.   It’s really shocking the danger these guys put themselves in when they drive at night.  My dad tried his hand at driving taxis a long time ago and I’m glad he gave it up.

Blinky Kyle

Monday, April 28th, 2008

So Big Brother was launched tonight.   With new hosts Jackie O and Kyle Sandilands.  I feel pretty sad that Gretel is not at the helm of this years household.   It seems that they have filled the house with a mix of beautiful people and freaks.  The looks on the housemates faces was priceless as 1 metre tall Rima entered the house.

But the leader of the freaks has to be Kyle.   I thought that shorty Rima was going to scare me…  but nothing scared me more than Kyle’s sense of humour and blinky eye…  I was actually hoping he was about to experience a stroke right there on national television.   Sadly the show was no played live.   They could have wrapped the show right there and then!   We would all watch the repeat of Kyle losing all body functions on stage for the next 3 months.

And strangely I already have a thing for the guy who escaped the cult.   And my fave so far has to be the grandmother.  I decided this when her opening line to a blond bimbo coming into the house was “could you find a skirt any shorter?”

Panasonic TZ15

Friday, April 25th, 2008

This is the new camera I bought last week while I was in Perth.   It’s to replace my little Penatx Optio S5i which doesn’t work anymore.  It’s a little larger than the Pentax for a pocket camera, but the photos are much better.   In low light it works very well.  And it’s got a nice wide angled lens.  The shot below was taken with it.   Oh… and the 10x zoom is fun too.   I haven’t tried out the video mode yet.   But I’ve read that it does DVD quality video!   All in such a small camera!

Guarding the Loft

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I completely forgot about the ANZAC Day holiday and the parade today.   I woke up this morning and stuck my head out the window to see the Army cadets in formation in front of the loft.   They were so cute in their uniforms!   Check out the kid second from the left holding the flag with the wrong hands.   I opted for breakfast instead of going to watch them march.

Clunker from Perth

Friday, April 25th, 2008

I just got home from spending a couple of weeks in Perth.  On the way back I intentionally booked a flight on the old 747-300 operated by Qantas (Perth to Melbourne).   The aircraft I was on is 21 years old.   I actually thought it was older.  The Economy/Business configuration of the 747-300 allows Qantas to squeeze in 450 people.   That might explain the long wait for my bags at the carousel in Melbourne.
I enjoyed my ride on the old jumbo.   Qantas still has 4 of them in operation on the east to west coast routes.   I was surprised to see them fitted with video on demand screen at every seat.  Not even United long haul jumbos have this!   But I’m mostly interested in the real age of the Boeing 747s.  Does anyone know what the first model was and when it was built?    I have heard that the earlier models are not allowed to seat passengers upstairs because there are no exit doors up there.   I think some of the Asian airlines still have them.    I was also curious because my 747-300 still had ashtrays.  I guess we’ll be seeing more of the 747 fleet flying domestiv routes when Qantas starts receiving the new A380s later this year.

Imposter Phillip

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

If some stranger were to create a profile using all your photos what would they say about you?  This guy has been creating bogus profiles using my photos for years.   The username is roughly the same each time and is usually based in Montreal.   It’s interesting that this person has chosen me to be a Buddhist and I speak French.   I guess I would need to speak French to live in Montreal.   Very up to date to!  The main shot was taken just a week ago.

Well I have some advice for the person who created this bogus profile (and I know that you will be reading this)….   save me the bother and lose it.

Shot of the Week

Monday, April 14th, 2008

I am loving my photography at the moment.  Particularly when I have models who don’t mind pushing the limits.  Last weekend we had guys having a milk fight.  The rooftop was drenched in milk!   Sadly one of my best models (pictured) is heading back home to Europe.

It’s Over!

Monday, April 14th, 2008

After months of watching series after series of the Sopranos I finally finished the last episode of the final season (season six) back in January.   The ending was a little strange, but it was finally over.
Then!  a couple of weeks ago when I was in JB HiFi in Sydney I saw something odd on the shelves.  There were 2 series sixes.  Each packaged a little differently.   The one I had not seen before was called…  THE FINAL EPISODES!!!!

What is this???   Some plot to make people buy an extra series without actually making one??

It’s true…  they made another 9 episodes and put it into a series called Season Six…  the Final Episodes.   So in protest I downloaded it from the internet, even though I would have liked the Bada Bing that was packaged with the surprise series.  Well didn’t things get stirred up in the last few episodes!   Shootings, suffocation, decapitation, and poor Uncle Junior going mad all alone.   Boy I enjoyed the Sopranos.   I did not like the (real) ending one little bit.  But I don’t think there could have been any good ending to that story.   “What are you gonna do?”

Underwear Sale

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

In the Target catalogue this week.   Hubba Hubba !

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