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Hotel Shoots

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Now this is probably my favourite hotel room for shooting in.  It normally has a tonne of great light through those large windows but we had a cold rainy day on this day.  And the spa tub in the bedroom between the window and the bed is great!   I have shot in this room a couple of times.  The actual furnishings are old and worn, but it doesn’t take away from the shoot results.   That’s my assistant snapping away..  and trying not to drop the camera.  If you want to try this room for yourself, it is the Executive Spa Suite at the Rydes on Exhibition Street in Melbourne.

Click Click Click

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I have been amazingly busy these last few weeks shooting guys for the site.   I have taken advantage of being home in Melbourne to be shooting new stuff every week.   It’s been fun meeting so many new models too.  Shortly there will be a huge swag of updates in the Private Room.

Train Accident

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

This is a terrible story.

Last Sunday morning the early train arrived from Werribee at Flinders Street Station (just across the road from the Loft).   Passengers waiting to board the train quickly pointed out to railway staff that there was a lifeless young man lying on top of the train.   The 20 y/o man was later spotted on security video climbing on to the top of the train at Newport during the night.  The train was then parked for the night at Werribee before heading back to the city.   The newspapers say that the guy was “train surfing”.
I can’t believe anyone would even consider trying this on an innercity electric train service with overhead power lines.   The guy had been electrocuted to death.
I was glad to hear the train service provider put out the statement telling everyone that if anyone climbed on top of ones of their trains it would most likely lead to death.  I would have hated to have been the parents being informed on Sunday.

Trip to Tumba

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Last week I had my parents staying with me. It was cool having them about for the week. The more I hang out with them the more I realise why I am the way I am. Crazy!
So on Friday we decided to spend the last 2 days of their stay travelling up to Tumbarumba to see my sister and her husband. We underestimated the length of the trip… it ended up taking 6 hours each way. My dad hired a funky looking purple car (not the car above) which really drew a lot of attention out in the country. It was fun seeing the tiny NSW country town of Tumbarumba. My sister often finds snakes and stray cattle in her yard and everyone knows EVERYONE. And being at the foot of the snowy mountains it was cold! I thought Melbourne was cold… but Tumba is almost freezing. We stayed overnight, had a quick tour around the town, and then started our long trip back to Melbourne. I like car trips… but I have learnt that the trip between Melbourne and the NSW border is pretty boring. I had once planned to drive it myself. So it was nice having my parents along for the trip.

Porn Lane

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Something really interesting went on in the lane behind the Loft today.  I finally dumped the boxes of VHS porn tapes that I had accumulated over the years.   I placed them in the lane this morning for the council trucks to collect tonite.   Then after a couple of hours I checked back (from my window above) to see a girl rustling through the boxes…  which I had taped up.   She left with a couple of the tapes.
Then later I checked back again to see the boxes had moved again.  And now a group of people came along and joked about the titles in the boxes.   One of them only touching the contents with a stick.  By now the few straight titles had made their way to the top of the boxes.
Next up the bulky security guard from the parking station came out, picked up all 3 boxes and took them into the parking station.   About 10 minutes later I heard the parking station door go up and a lot of dragging noises.  I popped my head out the window just in time to see the guard dumping the boxes back on the ground and kicking a Cardinot title several metres up the lane.   It was very funny!   Obviously not his taste.
About an hour later as the lane darkened I checked back…  the 3 boxes…  gone.

Sunday Boys

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

I had the boys stay over this weekend.  It was nice having the guys stay over in the Loft.  Of course the streets of Melbourne put on one of the noisiest nights ever.  I am used to it but I think the guys had a restless night.