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Private Room Models

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

So I had plans last week to close down the Private Room and concentrate my efforts on commercial sites.   But then when I went back to take a look at everyone I have done I decided to keep it going.   The Private Room now contains well over 400 videos and 263 galleries with almost 100 guys!  Well actually I lost count a long time ago.   But there’s tonne of stuff in there.   I’ve just loaded 40 new videos today.  I had a bit of a backlog to post.   And now that the warm weather has arrived I can start shooting outdoors again.

A Win for the Hawks

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Well it was a sad day for Geelong yesterday as they were beaten by the Hawks during the AFL grand final at the Melbourne’s MCG.    We spent the first quarter watching the game at Federation Square and then retreated from the heat to the Loft to watch the rest of the game there.   It was a close nail biting game.   And I’m kinda glad that the under dogs got up.   Hawthorn is a hard working team and it was nice to see them win.   Would have been nicer to see Geelong take the trophy 2 years running.

New Digs

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

On my first day back from my vacation I worked my way through the city to the new office on Bourke Street.  It is actually a temporary office in an old call centre until our new office in the Docklands is ready to move in to next year.    I spent the past 4 years working in an office pretty much by myself.  So it’s strange to now be surrounded by people that I actually work with.  I’m finding it a bit chaotic but it’s not so bad.   Being busy makes the days go faster.
Mostly I’m enjoying the new scenery as I walk too abd from the office which is 3 blocks across and 4 blocks down from the Loft.   There are so many interesting ways to get there.   I even found a new supermarket with some amazing stuff in it along the way.   The office is quite close to the office I worked in during 1998 when I first moved to Melbourne.

il Cubico bites the Dust!

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

Well I wrote about the new cafe il Cubico in Flinders Lane about a year and a half ago.  I wrote about the terrible service we got there and vowed never to go there again.  It was sad because the Fat Arnies previously occupied the space, was always my favourite place for coffees and breakfasts.

We finally il Cubico have moved out and today the workers are jackhammering the shit out of the place.   This makes me think it is being prepared for something other than a cafe.   Interestingly it seems that Flinders Lane is starting to get more clothes and shoe stores rather than the traditional cafes or fast food stores.   There are several empty stores in the area being made over.  I really hope that some useful stores open up.    And please bring back Fat Arnies!

Thailand Photos now Posted

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

The photos from our trip to Thailand are now posted up HERE.

Thailand Day 11 – Heading Home

Friday, September 12th, 2008

I’m a little bit sad to be writing this post today.   Frank and I have been on the road for the past 11 days exploring Thailand.   It was a pretty quick trip and I’m sure we could have spent a lot more time exploring.  There wasn’t a moment that went by that we weren’t busy doing something.

The highlights for me were definitely swimming a lot (in the pool and in the ocean), shopping in loads of strange places, meeting lots of beautiful Thai people, and spending time with Frank.

On our last day we had found a private taxi operator to take us back to the airport.   We had our last dinner at Kata Mama Seafood and took our last walk along the southern part of the Kata beach.   We have finally realised that this is a really small community where everyone knows everyone and they all help each other out.  I can’t bare to think what it must have been like when then tsunami waves came and ravaged the little village by the water.   They did not deserve it.  The feeling there is that “it won’t happen again”.

It was a long trip home starting with the long drive to Phuket airport, then the flight to Sydney and then the flight to Melbourne.  Door to door it took about 20 hours.  So I was exhausted by the time I got home.   It was so nice getting to travel to such a nice place with one of my best mates.   It rates as one of the best trips I have ever done.   I guess now I will start dreaming of the next adventure.

The photos from Thailand will be posted up in a gallery very soon.

Thailand Day 10 – The Last Day at the Beach

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Well today was the last day of our holiday here on Kata beach. This morning we woke up and went down and had our breakfast and the staff seemed to be a little more excited. It was their annual staff party. So they were all dressed with their staff party polo shirt getting organised for all the activities they had planned on the beach.

Thai people have got to be one of the most friendly, fun loving and warm people on this planet. The way they embrace you and make you feel welcome in any situation is really inspiring to see. So watching them have fun on the beach was awesome. One of the games they played reminded me of the Big Brother friday night live games. They had to splash water on their heads and eat this powder from a plate, then run over to the next table where they had to eat a banana, a piece of cake and a bottle of coke, then run over to another table and thread a needle, and then run to another table where they had to blow up a balloon until it burst. It was so much fun to watch!

As we decided yesterday today was going to be our last beach day so we got our gear organised and headed down to claim our spot on the beach lounges. Then we went and got ourselves a surfboard each, well Phillip got a surfboard and I got a boogie board. There were good waves today so this was going to be fun!. After getting in there with the boards I now have more respect for the guys who surf. We got pumbled a few times and caught some waves too. It was a real experience and a good laugh too. I then thought it would be fun to make a sand castle, more so to distract the sellers on the beach from harassing us, which they found amusing. We are so lucky that the weather turned nice for us today. We got heaps of swim time and then headed to the Kata beach BBQ for some lunch and watched the monsoon come in from the ocean.

After lunch we decided that a massage again was in order, so we headed on up to the Rub Tum Massage  behind Kata Mammas where Phillip got a fot massage and pedicure and I got a back and shoulders massage. These massages aren’t like the ones you get back home, they do more pressure point massage here using their fingers, elbows and even sticks. You feel great afterwards and it is only 350 Baht which is about 12 bucks! After the massage we returned to the room and watched a couple of episodes of Benidorm. Then it was happy hour again! I’ve come to appreciate cocktails on this trip and todays cocktails were delicious! Seeing it was our last night here we had a couple each, one was served out of a coconut. You can see it on YouTube.

Every night we have been going to the Kata Mamma Seafood restaurant for dinner. The food is delicious, the staff are great and it is very cheap as well. So tonight we had our last meal here and said goodbye to the beautiful people who were sad to see that we were returning home. After this we went for another walk down the road and had a chat with a few of the suit sellers about their businesses and Kata life, did the last and final shop, (oh my god we have done alot of shopping!) and came back upto the room for the night.

While Phillip was watching Air Crash Investigations I decided to go down for a walk and discovered that there wasn’t any staff around. They had all gone to their Staff Party in Phuket. So I chatted for a while with one of the staff and we talked about working here and life growing up in Phuket. It was pretty cool talking with him and his friend. They wanted me to go out dancing with them but I thought it would be better not seeing we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. So I said goodbye and headed up to bed.

This has been such an awesome holiday. We have had such a good time. Bangkok was great and Phuket was great too. Im sure we will come back here again sometime. Maybe sooner rather than later.

Thailand Day 9 – Backroom Boys

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Day 9 and we are still lazing about on Kata Beach in Phuket.  The sun came up during breakfast and we both knew it was time to hit the beach.   There has been a lot of rain here this week so we are taking every sunny opportunity to get out on those lounges and soak up the rays.   We got about 3 hours before the rain came back.  So we headed back to the room (about 12 metres from the sand) to get changed and go out or lunch.

Lunch we fairly average because we had gone into the touristy area of Kata.  But we had fun playing some Connect 4 in the restaurant and seeing who who take the strangest photo.

After lunch we checked out the shops in Kata.  We found that the real bargains are found in the backrooms.  They are not really allowed to sell fakes and copies of big brand handbags, watches and DVDs.  So we bought well over 100 DVDs and I found a new watch.  Of course when we were first taken down an alley into a backroom we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  But once in there both Frank and I knew how to drive a hard bargain…   or at least we like to think we did.

Then when we were exhausted we stopped into the Kata Starbucks for a chai tea served to us by one of Phuket’s beautiful ladyboys.

Thailand Day 8 – Bangkok withrawals

Monday, September 8th, 2008

We woke up this morning thinking it was going to be another beach day, although our bodies were still recovering from yesterdays beach day. We slept in a little so breakfast was a little late. The picture above shows what it looked like while were sitting having our breakfast. Mom Tri’s is such a good location on Kata beach. It looked a little angry out there and in no time the rains came bucketing down so that was the decider, more shopping! (I think we were having Bangkok withdrawals). So we got on a tuk tuk and headed over to Central Festival Shopping Centre in Phuket town.

Three floors of air conditioned shops with a huge food court and entertainment. Phillip was hugely excited when we found the Zara store. Seeing that we don’t have Zara in Australia yet I can understand why. He brought some really nice things including a very nice woolen trench coat, which looks great on him. Four hours later after we walked the entire length of the shopping centre and brought ourselves another pair each of Cons for 20 bucks, we decided it was time to head over to the Phuket Night Bazaar.

We heard that this market sold the most unusual things.  It was time to find another tuk tuk and this time the driver was willing not only to take us there but to wait for us until we had finished and then take us back to the hotel! How cool is that! This meant we could leave her with our shopping from the mall and load ourselves up again with more. Well we first walked past all the food. If your into eating bugs and unusual fruits then this is the place to eat. I guess if we came from this culture the food would have been awesome. There was alot of it too.

So we walked around looking for dvd’s, which we didnt find and brought more tee shirts and caps. These are really cool and at an even better price than the markets in Bangkok.  After all this shopping we headed back to the hotel, and I have to say we both were exhausted. I guess out of practice from our Bangkok run. Anyway after our happy hour cocktails at the hotel and usual meal from Kata Momma’s we decided that tomorrow is going to be the beach day. We aint coming home unless we have a tan!

Thailand Day 7 – Hello Massage!

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

Today we couldn’t get out of bed quick enough. After yesterday being the wettest day they have had here in this years wet season there was no stopping us getting out there and getting our spot under one of the hotels red beach umbrellas. So after breakfast we got together our beach gear and got our place in the sun. They even brought us some towels and a cool drink. How nice is that!

So I was in heaven. The water is so warm here (have I mentioned that before?) Seeing it is still cold back at home every part of me is lapping this up. Phillip is in his element sitting under the umbrella sipping on his drink soaking up some sun and checking out all the passing traffic. It’s so cool watching all the surfers here. To me the surf is just a ripple but seeing how they don’t get alot of wave time, like me they are soaking it up.

With the sun also comes the tourists and with the tourists comes the vendors. The good thing about this is that you dont have to go shopping, the shops come to you. But at a greater price too. I think we have got the hang of haggling with them now and they have got used to us as well so we don’t get hassled as much anymore.

After the beach we had some lunch at the Kata BBQ place next to Kata Mamas. The food is great here. Our skin had enough sun for the day so I tempted Phillip to go back to Patong and get a massage. Massage here in Thailand is everywhere! People are constantly yelling out to you as your walking down the street “you want a maaassssaaaaagge?” and some even run up to you and try and drag you into their venues. So after a little research online I found a place that I thought would be a good place to get a massage. Well after that one hour of relaxation I wish I could go everyday and for the 400 bht (around $12) you could.

After the massage we tried to find the DVD shop in Patong. We got shown one but we dont think it is the right one. So we got some things while the rain came again and then headed back over to the hotel to get ready for the Simon Cabaret Show tonight.

We got picked up at our hotel and headed back over to Patong to she see the show. This place was a bit like the Regent Cinemas back home. We got there a little early. Then the show started with the announcer stating we were about to see the greatest show on earth. This has got to be drag heaven. Lots of glam and glitter, and a little cheesy too but well worth the visit. My favourite was the Tina Turner look alike doing “Simply the best”. At the end of the show we went out the side door where all the performers were lined up calling out to us for a photo opportunity. These lady boys know how to sweet talk you. It’s so cute.

So after our photo opportunity we were taken back to the hotel, exhausted. Only three more days. Do you think we can claim assylum here?