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San Fran Hottie

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I miss San Francisco!   It has to be one of my most favourite cities in the world.   This was my 6th visit to the “City by the Bay”.   But this time it was fun seeing it with someone who hadn’t seen it before.   Strangely it was the first time I have gotten to ride the historical cable cars and the Muni Subway.   It’s so much quicker to get from Castro Street to downtown on the subway rather than catching the street trolleys.   We also managed some free time to meet some models while we were there.  This is Joe who dropped by to visit us.

Happiest Gay Couple

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

I’ve spent a lot of time at home the past few days while I’ve been trying to shake a cold.   And I’ve been watching a whole lot of telly.   Annoyingly I am into a whole lot of TV shows at the moment rather than obsessing over one series.   Over the weekend I watched all of series 1 of Lipstick Jungle.   I really liked it.  And now I’m wondering if there was a series 2.

But the real stand out was “Rick and Steve”, the happiest gay couple in the world.  It’s really quite funny…  maybe a little politically incorrect…   but very funny.   Chris pointed it out to me while we were in the US and last night I found it on Torrents.   You really should check it out.  I see that they have done 2 series of it already.   The Desperate Housewives “baby pheatus” in the cookie jar was very funny…  but so wrong.

Eye for Detail

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I’m noticing that my friends are taking nicer photos than me lately.   The shot above was taken by my Frank and the one below was taken by Chris.   I’m not sure if it is the quality of the photo or that I did not think of posing a model like that.   Whatever it is I had better sort it out quickly.   The bookstore chain in the US where I eventually want to do my first photo-book signing is now down to it’s last store in San Francisco.

Idle Time

Friday, April 24th, 2009

I always get a little bored and depressed after coming back from a vacation.  And the best remedy is to quickly find a new project.   I’m thinking of re-organising MelbourneLoft.   Earlier this year the automated webcam stopped working (and I still have not worked out whether it is the camera or the software that has the problem) and then it was downhill from there.   I was just on the site that motivated me to start MelbourneLoft in 2002 and I see they they have changed and have a fresh new look.    So it’s time to update!

Vacation in LA LA Land

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

It’s about time I gave a little update on my trip to California.   Whiel I was away I had trouble getting onto my blog.  But it all seems to be fixed now.

Chris decided back in March to head off to Los Angeles and San Francisco.  And being the envious type I invited myself along.   It was all quickly organised and we got a great deal on Qantas and American Airlines.   We were all set for 10 days in California.

Apart from looking forward to doing a load of shopping in the US again we were also prepared to do a whole lot of touring of the two cities.   We started with a tour of Los Angeles and the stars homes.  And later they dropped us off at Universal Studios.   It was kinda cool seeing the Hollywood hills again and the papparazzi camped outside the house where Michael Jackson is staying.

I really like Abercrombie’s idea of parking topless models in their front doors.   It got us in there shopping…   every time!   I noticed that they did not do it in San Francisco though.  Maybe it was too chilly there.   This Abercrombie store was in the trendy Grove shopping complex in LA.

We pretty much ate in diners the whole time…  explains my new waistline.   But one of our favourites had to be Hooters on Hollywood Boulevarde.   What a fun place!   Oh boy…  and cheese fries!   I had no idea such a thing existed!   I pretty much ate burgers every day.

Oh…  and I forgot to mention that Qantas gave us a free upgrade to Premium Economy class on the way over the Pacific.    How nice was that!   It really made it a very comfortable trip.   The flight attendants on board were great too!

Los Angeles was a little cooler than I expected.  But the sunny days were nice.   I also got to catch up with my old mate Joe from San Diego while I was there.

The trip across was so nice and easy.  I’m actually thinking I might do it again this year.  I love flying and I love going to the US.


Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

I have been unable to log into my blog for a couple of weeks now. And at the worst time too!

But it appears to be okay now. So I can start writing about my current trip here in California.