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A Rainy New Year’s Eve

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

It’s not looking so good for the midnight fireworks show in Melbourne tonight as the BOM website’s radar shows a huge band of rain heading right toward the city.  The city has been preparing for this night for weeks.  The government has put 600 police on patrol to monitor the crowds and the liquor stores stopped selling beer in glass bottles.   If the rain comes then I think crowds will be a lot lower than previous years.

Christmas Day on the Gold Coast

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

My first underwater Christmas?   It’s been a very busy time in the lead up to Christmas.   Tyson has been working like crazy to get the MelbourneLoft site moved to a new server and at the same time turning it into a more “blog style” page and keeping the webcam section.   He’s done a great job on it!

I had a little bit of bad news in the week leading up to Christmas about my health.  I have to get some surgery on my leg early in 2010.   And then I was running about like crazy getting ready to come to the Gold Coast to see my family.    But it was all worth it seeing everyone so happy on Christmas day.   I think it’s always important to have things to do on Christmas day.   So I got an underwater camera for Christmas and took a whole lot of photos in mum and dad’s swimming pool.   I’ll post a lot more once I work out how to insert a gallery in wordpress.

These shots are of me and my older brother.   I also got a new higher res webcam to bring sharper shots to MelbourneLoft.

Rebuilding Melbourne

Friday, December 11th, 2009

The department stores Myer and David Jones have been having a big makeover in this past year and I believed it was all going to be completed for Christmas.   Last week i even told some tourists to go in and check out the new completed Myer store.   And then I spotted this!  It hardly looks to be anywhere near completion!   I was really shocked when I saw that the back end of the building is still just a skeleton.   The makeover must be pretty impressive seeing that they are actually ripping down the building.

In the meantime my favourite part of David Jones, mens casual clothes, has been moved up to the first floor.   It’s just not the same cutting through DJs on the way home from the gym to see who’s out shopping now.

Tripping with Bill

Friday, December 4th, 2009

I’ve been busy this past week showing my friend Bill from Ohio around Melbourne and Sydney.  So I took a few days off work to show him around.  In his short stay in Australia we squeezed in a tour around Melbourne, a trip to St Kilda, a visit to Sexpo, a trip to the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary, then flew to Sydney to ride the ferries across the Sydney Harbour, do some shopping and check out Manly Beach.   Phew!   it’s been a busy one!   He has even been helping me sort out my wardrobe.  I’ll let you guess from the photos which each one relates to.