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iPhone 4S Update

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Okay… so I eventually got my hands on the new iPhone last week. It wasn’t exactly the smooth changeover I expected. First the phone was cut off without warning on a Friday night. And then just hours after getting the new phone on Saturday it broke down. So I had to wait until Monday to get it fixed. Eventually on Tuesday night Tyson worked out how to fix the thing. It turns out that the iPhone 4S doesn’t like having it’s software restored from an older phone. So Tyson was able to give it a fresh restore, back it up to iCloud and restore all my contacts. Perfect! And now the phone works great! My only disappointment is that the camera on the front of the phone is a low res camera. I’m assuming this is because that camera is used for FaceTime and other video calling apps. I’ll be posting shots from the new phone soon.

iPhone Disappointment

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

I was all set to pick up the new iPhone 4S yesterday when the phone company cancelled my order. It turns out that the cosy phone relationship I have with my employer is not so easy to get out of. So I had to place a helpdesk call and wait 10 days for the contract to be undone. And only then can I order a phone on a new plan. And since the 64GB model is out of stock, it’s likely I won’t get it until sometime in November now. I just hope I have it before we leave for Europe in December. In the meantime I will continue to contend with my 3G model that takes forever to do anything.

The Family Vacation – Bangkok

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Thailand has always been and “easy” place for Australians to go to on vacation. It’s warm, cheap, a 9 hour flight from Australia, and super friendly. So whenever I’ve been here we bump in to lots of Aussies. This family trip has been planned since March this year. It was actually my 79 year old Dad’s first trip out of Australia. So everything has been new and interesting for him. It’s mostly been fun for me watching him enjoy seeing another culture. He;s fascinated by everything.

We came to Thailand for my sister’s 50th birthday. But we also orchestrated a little surprise for her and my parents. There were just the 4 of us coming here. When we arrived at Bangkok airport I had to delay them from leaving the airport for one hour for one of my friends from Melbourne to arrive on the flight from Melbourne. But in actual fact it was my other sister arriving to come on our vacation with us. My sisters are always the life of the party so having them both on the trip was going to make it a lot more fun. Our week long stay in Bangkok was a lot of fun. It was full of shopping, touring, spa treatments and lots of eating. Bangkok is a crazy city and everyone loved it.

Here are just a few of the pictures I took a long the way.

Pool Side Vacation

Friday, October 7th, 2011

I’m in Phuket in Thailand with my family now having a great time. We all got rooms that walk down in to a great swimming pool. This shot was taken with my new Lumix underwater camera. It’s been taking some great photos so I’ll post a lot more here shortly.

Burasari pool

Victory for Geelong

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I was really disappointed that I wasn’t in Australia for the AFL grand final today. It would have been so nice to see Geelong kick Collingwood’s arse. The AFL grand final is enormous in Melbourne. Victorians are crazy for AFL and lately I’ve found myself becoming much more interested in the game. I still have no idea of how the game actually works.

Anyway, I flew in to Bangkok with my family last night. We’ve done loads of walking today and now I’m chilling out back in my room catching up on some email. I’ll post some pics from the trip here soon.