Day 3 – Breakfast followed by Zara..which was tastier?

Day 3 of the trip started out with a breakfast at the El Callao the first one seeing that yesterday it didnt open, apparently because it was children’s day. That’s right, Children’s day, sounds like we have been ripped off!

Anyways breakfast isn’t a big thing here. Cup of tea and a couple of little croissants are the go. Eating here is a little weird with dinner being so late in the night. We felt a little more awake today, which was good hopefully the jet lag will wear off real soon.

The pics show the room we are staying in. it’s pretty kewl although the kitchen really doesnt have all the facilities to cook anything substantial it still is good to be able to make a cup of tea when you want it, if you know Phillip then you will know he loves his tea.

After breakfast we headed over to the Zara store. We still dont have Zara over in Australia, who knows why, but it is such a great store! The clothes are really good quality. I brought a nice hoodie, and Phillip was very restrained and brought nothing. I’m actually surprised at how restrained he has been. I dont think it will last long.

After more walking around we came back and had a rest. We went out for lunch and had a huge meal which was really nice. Then at night we headed over to Palermo where we had a look around and then met up with a couple of people Phillip knew. Tomorrow is more shopping I think. Hopefully we will feel much better!

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