Days 5 and 6 – Leaving Argentina

Our last days in Argentina and also the last day of winter on this trip as we fly 11 hours north to New York.  We had such a lovely time in Buenos Aires.   We met lots of interesting people, got to shoot some pretty good looking guys, did a tonne of shopping and ate a lot of food.   I really like Buenos Aires and want to come back again sometime.   Though I must learn some more Spanish so I can communicate more.   There is not a lot of English speaking people here.

On our last day we had the most amazing pizzas for lunch on Parana Street in the Recoleta.    Our walking tour guide didn’t show up so we grabbed a map and took ourselves on a tour.  Along the way we made up stories of what had happened at various places.   Frank liked seeing the Recoleta cemetery and even found an Italian guide to show us some of the amazing architecture there.

Mostly I liked the guys there.   Even though I could not speak Spanish I had fun meeting the guys and getting a feel for what life is like in Argentina.  Oh…  and I really liked the pimped out buses running around Argentina too!

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  1. Dave (in-us) Says:

    That looks so good, so does the food, hee hee.

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