Deep in Berlin

This was my 3rd trip to Berlin.   I like Berlin a lot.  But this time I was looking forward to showing it to one of my friends.  Berlin has so much going on!   While we were there a large athletics games event was happening.  So there were a lot of tourists in town.   It was quite warm too, so we got to do some sunbaking out in the Tiergarden.

This was also my first time to try riding the subway around Berlin.   And it really is so easy!  We travelled far into the east side and spent a day looking around over there.   I was really surprised at how westernised it is there.   Even Fitness First has a gym there!   I don’t think we went far enough east.   We didn’t have enough days there to do everything we wanted to do.   But I’m sure there will be another trip to Berlin.  And can you believe I met some girls from Geelong (Melbourne) at the Berlin guesthouse!

I should also mention that the food is pretty good in Berlin.   It’s quite easy to eat expensively here but if you look around you can find good food at a reasonable price.   The little hut in the square in front of Ka De We sells beautiful pizza!   Or pay a bit more and head to the top floor of Ka De We for some very delicious meals and treats.

And for drinking at night I recommend the Prinzeknecht bar in Schoneberg (near our guesthouse).   The crowd is friendly, it’s always busy and there are strange things going on in the basement (which I think happens in every Berlin bar).   Here’s a few shots of Franky and I hanging out in Berlin.

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