This Week in the Loft

20th May 2007

1.  Employee of the Month

Not to toot my own horn...  but I think I deserved the Employee of the Month award this month.   I just spent the past month filling in for a girl in my company who does a similar job to the one I used to do a few years ago.   I decided that I needed to "go back to school"  and do the job of one of the people who I support each day....  and filling in for someone going on vacation for a month was the perfect opportunity.    I did mean though that I had to do both her job and my own.   Luckily I managed both okay, but any longer than a month would have been a struggle.   Especially since it meant working in Wollongong for 2 weeks of each month.
There is a choice or rewards including cash.   I think I will take the cash because.....


2.  Vacation Planning

It's that time again!!!   I'm planning a trip overseas for later this year.   Since I had so much fun there last year I am going back to San Francisco.   I haven't actually decided on the details, but the possibilities are to go to California only, go to California and one other place in North America, or grab another round the world trip and have a stop in Europe as well.    Finnair are having the same great deal that I took last year....  so the round the world trip is very tempting.    It would have to be a quick trip though as I don't have as much vacation time or money left.   After having taking 7 months vacation time in the past 2 years I now only have 2 months left.    Half the fun is in the planning....    c'mon Qantas...  bring on the deals!
And to get me in the mood I watch this CLIP....  over and over again.


3.  And it's about Time!

I didn't really notice that the webcam shot quality had become so bad till this week.    So I swung by IStore  (which I must say is becoming my computer hardware store of choice in the city) this afternoon and picked up the new Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000.   It promises new Redlight 2 technology.    I don't know what it means but it sounds pretty good.   And so far the picture quality is pretty nice.   Under Loft 2's  harsh 7-Eleven lighting this camera is doing a pretty good job.   It's all about colour now.



4.  Jail Time for Twink Porn Star

I have been waiting for this news to come.   Twink porn star and owner of Harlow Cuadra was arrested this week (with his mate who is also a suspect).  They are suspects in the murder of porn company owner Bryan Kocis.   Bryan was stabbed 28 times and then had his house set alight in January in Texas.    I wonder how bad this guy must have been and how mad the people who did it must have been.
But as usual, my interest is in the life Harlow has left behind.   On his blog he boasts having just bought a Mac pro to help his business.   It looks like a pretty nice set up...  as does the porn site.   How much was this guy pulling from it?   And will they let him maintain the site from prison?   Maybe he can produce from within the prison walls?
I wonder if porn stars in America can be likened to football "heroes" here in Australia....   ie.  they think they can do anything.




5.  GONE !

Sad news this week.   We rang Fat Arnies to see what time they opened for breakfast and were told that Fat Arnies is no longer there but we could come for breakfast anyway....
It seems like overnight my favourite brekky cafe Fat Arnies closed and il Cubico opened in it's place.    The place has had new signage put up and a new paint job inside.  So we went along to see what their breakfast is like....   and I will say this new...  the food....  AND the service....  is bad!
We sat down and after a while someone brought us menus.   There wasn't the happy chatty staff that we are used to.  Instead a girl came over and as Jake started saying his order she asked him to stop and say it again slowly  "because I'm Italian and it's only my 2nd day here".   We thought that was very cute.
The cuteness was lost when the table next to us vacated, another group arrived, got their big breakfast, read the papers and left.   Our coffees had arrived, but there was a distinct silence coming from the kitchen.   After quite a while I went and found the girl....   and had to actually go into the kitchen to ask where our food was.   They had obviously forgotten as the old man asked the girl what we wanted and dashed into the kitchen.
When the food finally arrived it was overloaded with salt!   I couldn't finish mine because it was way too salty.  
When we went to the counter....   as we expected....   they asked what it was we ordered.    There was no apology for having waited over an hour for breakfast.   
Maybe they do other meals well....   but don't go there for breakfast.    It's a real shame that Fat Arnie's had to close.   I loved going there.



6.  Bad Girls

After finishing the West Wing I have been floundering trying to find something else good to watch.   And I feel into the UK women's prison series "Bad Girls"  after Jake bought series 1 for me.   He told me it was going to be the female version of Oz.
Well Oz tended to have at least one murder each episode....    but I'm up to series 3 of Bad Girls and so far there has only been torment and threats.   I think I need to find some more American drama to watch.   Bad Girls is not too bad....  but like The Bill...  it is has become very soapy.



7.  Bad Housemates

And I shouldn't let a week go by without mentioning the nightly vigil sitting in front of channel 10 watching Big Brother this year has cast the bitchiest group we have seen yet!   It seems no one is going untouched in this household.   So far they have evicted the girl who cryed during the babysitting task (because she had lost a baby a year earlier), the psychotic girl from Darwin, and the bonehead muscle boy that she was stalking.
The best viewing comes on Friday nights with Friday Night Live....    where the housemates go to battle in an "It's a Knockout" style of game show in an arena built next to the house.    It's really pretty funny viewing.   And as a reward the winner gets to select anotehr housemate to go into a private rewards room where they can freely bitch about the others....



8.  Private Room Pic of the Week

While I am writing this I am in the middle of a 5 shoot weekend.   I will be glad when tonite comes when it's all over...    except for the editing.    The shot above was taken with model number 1.


9.  This Week in the Loft Makeover..   coming soon

Inspired by the renovations going on in the Melbourne CBD, I've decided to makeover the This Week in the Loft space to make it a little more interactive.  More soon...





3rd May 2007


1.  Wollongong

I'm really happy to be home after spending a couple of weeks working in Wollongong.   I thought the work would be easy and I would spend some time hanging out with my friends.   But instead I worked every day.   I'm still glad I volunteered to do the work because I actually learnt quite a lot that will help me in my job.
Oh...   and it rained a lot there!   Since this drought has gone on for so long now it was strange to experience such heavy rain...  and it went on for days!   In Wollongong I stay at a new apartment hotel and was upgraded to a large 2 bedroom apartment with an enormous terrace.   It was great having a big kitchen and a lady would come in every morning and clean up after my night of cooking.   I could do with one of those women here in the Loft.



2.  Camera Lessons

I did get a chance to catch up with Tyson while I was there.  He showed me a few new tricks with my camera.   He only recently bought a digital SLR and knows so much more about how to take photos in different environments.   My biggest problem was low light photos...  and I think I've overcome that now.   If you are a Private Room member check out the most recent gallery of photos in the shower and you will see what trouble I was having.



3.  Choke Hazard

Thanks for  for teaching me so many new things.   This week I learnt all about the choking game  (or the pass out game)  that is popular with kids who want to get the euphoric feeling of recovering from asphyxia.   The game can be played alone or with other people.   And if you search on YouTube for Choking Game or pass out game you will see what it involves.   But occasionally you die from it.    It was amazed that it is so popular...   but then I remembered...  I remember doing this with my friends when I was a little kid!   Was I mad???  I  can imagine how parents would feel if they knew kids were choking each other unconscious for a laugh.   The videos are actually quite frightening.



4 Big Brother 2007

And while I was in the Gong the annual season of Big Brother started.   It was celebrated at Greg's place with the sparking up of the projector so we all all see and hiss at the new housemates as they paraded one by one into the house.    And so far my favourite housemate is bonehead Bodie.    He is all gym buffed and very very dumb.    Speaks before he thinks and continually jumps around.   I'm pretty sure he will be the first one voted out of the house.
Bodie is also the name of a preserved ghost town in California.   I didn't know those things even existed!



5.  Big Brother 2007 - Photoshopped

And while I'm on the subject of Big Brother...   I am really enjoying the photoshopping craze that is happening in the forums.   It's also good to see that former housemate Tim Brunero is running his podcast blog Oh Brother again this year.    I found his interviews and commentary on Big Borther last year just as interesting as the show itself.




6.  The End of the Wing

The last series of the West Wing was both amazing and disappointing.   The writers were given the challenge to change the show mid season as one of the main characters passed away in real life.   There were also brilliant performances given by the two new presidential candidates Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda.   But what I found disappointing was the demise of the West Wing team as the campaign took over the last season.   It appeared that it was just the President and the Chief of Staff left in the West Wing.   And they didn't appear to be doing a terrible lot except looking busy because everyone else had left.
I really enjoyed every minute of watching the West Wing....   this was proven by the fact that I watched the last 2 series with my finger on the pause button just in case anyone came into the room and interrupted my viewing.   I'm not sure what I'll watch next now.


7.  Toys

This is the new monitor I bought this week when I got home.   It's the 22" ViewSonic LCD monitor.    I did love my 19" CRT but it took up way too much space on my table.    I'm no tempted to find myself a smaller computer desk.    It strange having so much screen space now.   It's great for editing photos and websites on.  I can now have Photoshop and Frontpage open side by side as I work.   While I was over at IStore I also picked up a new 400 GB hard drive to replace the drive I currently do video editing on.   The old one kept running out of space.   I now have 1.2 Terrabytes of space on my PC....   how crazy is that!



8.  Shot of the Week

This photoshoot was actually from a few weeks ago.   But I have just finished editing it for the Private Room.   This would have to be one of the sexiest models I've had in a while.   If you haven't checked out the Private Room yet make sure you do.   I've lost count of how many guys I've shot for the room now.   It must be getting close to a hundred.



9.  A Day out in the Southern Highlands

Okay...  I did get one day off while I was up north.  And on that day Frank and I took a drive up to ye old southern highlands village of Berrima.   I remember coming here when I was a kid.  And I swear I went inside the jail.  But Frank tells me it's still a working prison.   The highlights of the trip were visiting ye old lolly shop and ye old pub for lunch.
The building above is the type of building I always wanted as a house.   I'm not sure why...  I think I just like the simple box type styling, and everything is big and chunky.   I'm sure they don't build them like this anymore.






12th April 2007

1.  The Long Long Weekend

Hands up who loves Easter?    I love 4 day weekends at the best of times...   but nothing beats Easter.   Hot Cross buns, chocolate eggs and the best weather ever....    it all means a perfect weekend!   
I didn't do a terrible lot over the long weekend.   I spent a lot of time in front of the telly and the computer...  which is probably why I'm so sensitive to daylight now.    I haven't actually started on my easter eggs yet.    I actually still have quite a large egg sitting on one of the shelves here collecting dust from 2002!!!
Thanks to Jake and Owen for organising the easter egg hunt for me.   My final prize was a rabbit hanging out the front window of the Loft.



2.  Oiling My Huge Deck

And it was all hands on deck on easter Monday as we undertook the massive job of oiling my huge deck in Flinders Lane.   I'm not sure why this deck is so unloved by the occupants of my apartment.  But someday I might live in the lane again and when I do I'll be enjoying the rooftop deck again.   It was the most perfect day out too.
The deck oiling actually happens each year to stop the boards from warping and falling apart.   Though on of the neighbours later informed me that oiling just the topside of the deck makes the warping worse. 




3.  Wall Climbing

If you're a regular bike rider along the Yarra River you've probably already found the climbing walls under the freeway bridge at Burnley provided by the Stonnington Council.   I'm really impressed that the council put this up for free.    There are 3 walls for different levels of difficulty.  And I was really pleased that I was able to travel right across Wall 1 on my first attempt without falling off.   Of course I got cocky and quickly fell off on my second attempt.   This is something I wouldn't trying out for a while.   I need to get some better shoes for it though.    Oh...  and the guys climbing there are pretty hot too.



4.  Sydney...   again

Oh...  and I spent another week in Sydney working at Circular Quay.   This is the view from the office.  I can't believe they fished a dead girl from the harbour right outside my window and I didn't see it.   The circling helicopters should have made me think something was up!



5.  My First Big Coffee

On my flight to Sydney last Monday morning I was preoccupied listening to the easy-listening tunes provided by Qantas when the flight attendant came past with the tea pot.    I didn't need to hear what she was saying....  it said TEA on the side of the pot.    She poured me a big one.   And as I put it back down on my tray table I noticed how dark it was.   And then when I poured milk in it I could see my mistake....   I was about to force down my first coffee.....  ever!!

And wasn't I chatty Cathy by the time I got to the office....    I can see why people use coffee to get themselves going in the morning.    I still can't stand the taste of the disgusting stuff.



6.  Shot of the Week

I'm starting to experiment with my shoots by using lots of props.  Can you see that the pesky drawer on my IKEA handy drawers just won't close....   that big drill should do the trick!



7.  On Oxford Street

And thanks to Greg for taking this quick pic with the wall of Borat posters on Oxford Street.    We did a little shopping on Oxford Street and then tucked into the lamb stew at Betty's Soup Kitchen while I was in Sydney.   I actually really liked the week there this time.  It was much cooler and walked heaps around the city.    This is the first time I thought I could actually see myself living up there again sometime.







26th March 2007

1.  In Sydney

I love my job for the travel opportunities it brings.   I spent the past week working in Sydney at the AMP building in Circular Quay.    I heard that our office in the building had impressive views....  but I never expected what I saw.    I was distracted every time I looked up from my work to see people doing the Bridge Climb.   I was amazing how close they looked...  and I have terrible eyesight.    It was nice working in a different office and learning new stuff.   Just when I thought I knew exactly how our systems work I find new rules and processes.
The building is pretty impressive too...  the 26 storey building was the first tall building to be built in the area after the lifting of the 46metre height limit in 1957.   It was originally 106 metres tall and held the title of Australia's tallest skyscraper until 1965.   The building was heritage listed in 1996.   Can you believe the SYdney Harbour bridge got it's heritage listing just 2 weeks ago?
The week went pretty quickly but I did manage to have dinner with Private Room star Leon and "not so Private Room star" Scott.   I have to go back again next week to over see my work go into production.



2.  Easy Living

It was so nice to spend the weekend at home and hang out with Jake a little.   We very rarely get to do this anymore now that we are doing so many different things.


3.  Easy Rider

I will eventually stop talking about it when I actually buy one....    but I can't help to envious of my friends all going out and buying motor scooters.   The latest to spend up big at the scooter shop was Owen.  He paid up big for the Italian Aprillia Sportscity (200cc  for geeks like me that just need to know).    After much looking at the more modern scooters I have actually just recently taken more of a likening to the older style Vespas.  I don't know what has changed my mind...   maybe the more retro styling...   the coolness of belonging to a subculture of diehard classic-ists who don the open face helmets each day scooting along my street with a fox tail riding behind high in the air.   Or am I just full of shit?



4.  Stupid Council

I need to know which idiot in the council decided it was a good idea to leave barricades in the way of thousands of pedestrians trying to get in and out of the train station today?
This is one of Melbourne's busiest intersections where pedestrians often come to grief with passing cars.   And I couldn't believe my eyes this morning as I saw pedestrians making last minute dashes across the road only to find they couldn't get onto the footpath!   At least by this afternoon they had been pushed back from the road.   But why are they there anyway?   To stop people from walking on the footpath where they need to be?


5.  Shot of the Week

I stayed in a hotel on Flinders Street last week and got to watch the Moomba fireworks late at night.    This shot was taken from the balcony as I leaned out to get a better view.



6.  My Death Space

Thanks to Greg for putting me onto this little morbid piece of the web.   MyDeathSpace lists all the owners of MySpace profiles who have passed on...   and the profiles still exist.    The site gives a short story about how the person died and then a link to their profile where you can learn what they were up to....  almost to the day they died.    The boy above was found 2 months after prom night electrocuted in a power room next to where the prom night was being held.  
It's interesting how your MySpace can go from somewhere for you to pour out your life for all to see...   to a place where all your MySpace friends can go to lay their respects for you.


7.  Photo Shoot

I have been shooting like crazy over the past few weeks....   yes...  I do work 7 days a week now.   So I have quite a load of editing to do for the Private Room.   Eventually the time will come where I will need someone to help me out with the production.   I starting to be a lot more work than I had anticipated.





13th March 2007

1.  A Week with the Family

I know...  it's been a long time since I posted an update here.   And it's been so long that I don't really know where to start.    Maybe I'll start with my mum and dad's visit to Melbourne last week.   It was actually fun having them here.   I thought that the Loft bathroom had been fixed.   But after it was all tiled up again my dad pointed pointed out that the pipes were still leaking behind the walls....  causing the awful damp smell in the Loft.    We shopped, we ate, we toured and we laughed.    My mum thought my tour of the back lanes of Melbourne was bizarre and my dad loved watching all the strange people hanging out the front of my building.    As my parents get older the more I want to know about them.   I can't imagine them not being around and never knowing everything about them.


2.  Geelong-Ho

And while I had my folks here I took them (with my sister) down to Geelong to see the city and my house....   well mostly my house.  I wanted my dad's opinion on painting the joint....  and the verdict is in....  it needs painting.    In fact it needs a little restoration work as well.    There are some rotting timbers that will need replacing as well.   But other than that, the tenants are keeping the place pretty well.    Paint it myself I hear you ask.....   NO WAY !
Geelong is actually quite a beautiful place...  I love all the developed shore area.  Here's a few pics I took.












3.  More Family

Oh...  and just before my folks and my sister visited, my little brother and my other sister came to town.    Yes...  I have a HUGE family.    Here they are above looking unimpressed by my walking tour around Melbourne.   Unfortunately they ended up in Melbourne during a heatwave, so most days ended up back in the Loft in front of a fan soon after lunch.   They still had a pretty good time while they were here.    For some reason my family goes mad for the food whenever they come to town.  Maybe that says something about the food available on the Gold Coast?
My brother and sister didn't like having to smoke outside because people would always try to bum cigarettes off them.   I thought it was pretty funny.



4.  Loft Comforts

Thank you Freedom Furniture!     My old silver beanbag (bought for my by my old party buddy Bez)  finally started to fall apart a few months ago.    It was one of my treasured possesions and I would love to know if anyone still makes them like that.    But in the meantime I finally found a replacement at Freedom in Melbourne Central.    I couldn't believe they sell these!   In fact they sell both an indoor and an outdoor version.   I went with a red one so that I could easy finding it in case my senses were somehow impeded.    And yes...  I am wearing my PJs and eating a McDonalds chocolate sundae....   mmmmm.



5.  Car Show

It's been ages since I've been to a car show....  I almost forgot what they looked like.     So my friend Dart dragged me out last week to see the Car Show  (or Motor Show I think they call it)   to see all the latest offerings from the big car companies.    I was amazed that on the first night of the show all of the gear stick knobs had been stolen....  leaving very little for me to steal.    I was really impressed by the BMW  (a childhood promise to come true someday...  and I'm blaming Sale of the Century for that),  and the little Smart Car built by Mercedes.   Apart from being cute it is actually quite an amazing piece of modern engineering.
Here Dart is showing off in the new Mitsubishi Colt covertable.   There is absolutely no rear leg room in there.    And by the way....  Dart just bought a new car today after seeing it at the motor show.....  ahhhh....      I remember money.


6.  Shoots!!!

And these are some of my favourite shots taken from recent shoots I've done.   I chose these shots not only because of the beautiful models but because I think they are really nice shots.   These were all shoots for the Loft's Private Room.






I'm so lucky to have such great models!



7.  Life Lab

And before I finish here I should mention the exciting news from my company.   They are looking at relocating elsewhere in Melbourne to a much larger campus.  And one of the options being considered is the new city precinct of Digital Harbour in the Docklands area.   The plan and the buildings so far built in the area are really quite impressive.   But not nearly as impressive as the LifeLab development, which promises to blur the lines between work and play....    as if they weren't already blurred enough.    This is like a block of flats where everyone works at home.   They are all half office/half apartment!    How cool is that!    I loved the idea until I thought about what it must be like to live in a building where everyone is ALWAYS at home.   It's an interesting concept and I wonder if it will become popular here.   Click on the link above and take a look at the fun website.




14th February 2007


1.  I Heart Vistors

The summer of the visitors continues.   For the past 2 weeks I've had Frank and Sam from Sydney staying with us in the Loft.    It's been so much fun having the boys here.   We have been dragging each other all over town.   Here are the boys smoking it up on Elizabeth Street.



2.  Birthday Dinner

And just when I thought everyone had forgotten my birthday my old school friend Chris turned up from Sydney and the boys all took me out for dinner.   The Hard Rock Cafe serves up some pretty terrible food....  but the cocktails and margarettas are pretty dam fine!   Jake bought me a new TV series called Bad Girls.    He swears it's like the female version of the HBO series "Oz".   More drinks were had on the way home in Misty's Bar in Hosier Lane.



3.  The End of Midsumma

Was celebrated with Carnival in the middle of the city.  I absolutely love this day!   IT's a great day to go out and hang out in the park and see some of the strangest things.   I filled in a bunch of surveys, entered a load of raffles, won some fitness training sessions, subscribed to DNA magazine, had a photo with a drag queen and scored some new undies.   All in all it was a pretty good day.    Later we returned to check out the T-Dance.
Does anyone know where the photos for the C-IN2  promo at Carnival are being used?



4.  And Back at Loft 1

Hands up who remembers Loft 1 ?

Last weekend I paid a visit back at Loft 1.   There was an apartment for sale in the building for an enormous amount of money and I wanted to check it out to see how it compared to my place.   The opening was very poorly organised by the real estate agent.   And without letting on that I was an owner in the building I asked some questions about the building, just to see how far the agent would stretch the truth.  And it's amazing how an agent will become so vague when it comes to issues around access, noise levels and costs in the building.    I guess they all do it.    While I was there I checked out my rooftop garden, which sadly appears to need a deck staining again.   This is one of my favourite places in the city to escape to.



5.  Shot of the Week

Thanks to Frank for helping out on this roadside shoot recently.  And to all the models who came along over the weekend to make the shoots so much fun!



6.  Point Addis

It's a long way from my laptop.    I took a day off mid-week to head down the coast with Frank.   With hired a 4WD  (2 in one week...  that's crazy!)    and headed down to Anglesea for some sun, surf and good loving!    Well sun and surf anyway.   I really love days off out on the road and getting down to the beach.   And the best part....  there's no phone reception down there!



7.  Noisy Websites

I really like surfing the net in the peace and quiet of the Loft's lounging room, also known as the kitchen and the laundry at times.   Occasionally I will have ABC Classic FM on the radio to break up the rumble from the McDonalds airconditioners on the roof.    But what I really don't like is the websites who force you to listen to their music when you click on their websites.   And then I have to go looking for a button to switch it off.
Please please please....   let me choose what content I'd like to consume without ramming it into my ears!
The biggest offenders of this are those MySpace sites, personal blogs.... and eeekkkk...   DLIST!     Phew...   now I'm happy I got that off my shoulders.


8.  Bathroom Renovations

The strange smell in my bathroom was neither Jake or the dumpsters in the laneway.  Instead it was the rotting walls of the Loft's shower recess.   The tiles all fell off in a couple of days!    So this week a father and son handyman team have been rebuilding the bathroom walls ready to be re-tiled again.    I can't wait till I can't take a shower again.





30th January 2007

1.  Greg's Visit

I've been way too busy to update This Week with all my visitors and events.   But now that I have a short break I will catch up on what's been going on.    I love this very camp photo of Greg by the river.   He totally wanted to do this shot even though I warned him against it.  Doesn't he know that everything in front of my lense is bound to end up on the Loft?    Greg came down for his usual summer break and timed it to be here for the MIdsumma festival opening night and Pride March.    Greg is a vegetarian so we spent almost every night of his stay chowing down at Gopals...  the hare krishna restaurant on Swanston Street.   I can imagine the visitors from Google I'll be getting now for typing that line.
Thanks to Jake for showing me the 'feathering' technique on this photo.




2.  Midsumma Opening Night

I love a good opening night and the Midsumma Opening night always delivers.   It was a great night to catch up with friends I hadn't seen in ages.   Iota performed on stage and there were a bunch of other performances that I didn't catch.   Unfortunately I had to leave early to attend a work meeting.   



3.  The 20 Year Grind

Here's something interesting that went by without any fuss 2 weeks ago.   I had my 20th year anniversary at work!   It hardly seems like yesterday that I was employed to record times from clock cards at the Steelworks in Wollongong.    I've had a lot of jobs in those 20 years...  some of them that I stayed in for far too long.   But all up I've had a pretty good time with all the people I've worked with.  And I still haven't decided what I want to do when I grow up.
The photo above was taken in 1988 when I begun work in the payroll department. 



4.  Scott's Visit

I think Scott is the only one of my friends who doesn't have a blog...  so we have to actually spend time talking to each other to see what's happening in his life.



5.  Many Happy Birthdays

And I turned 38 last week!   I tried to avoid the whole thing by dragging Scott down to IKEA in Richmond with me to buy new mats for my bathroom.    Of course turned 38 means I'm staring down the barrel of 40 now.  And all those life goals I had set for turning 40 must be met...   something about a BMW, a 3 bedroom house and an old english sheepdog....   I can't really remember the actual details.   I'm sure my mum will remind me.



6.  Pride Parade

Despite the cold and the occasional rain showers there was still a huge turn out for the annual Gay Pride March through St Kilda.    And I think the parade was longer and had more participants this year too!    But what was odd was the noticeable missing parade marshalls....  where were the guys telling us to keep back off the road?   Were they scared off by the rain.   Afterwards there was the usual gathering down at the Catani Gardens.  We didn't stay long before opting for dinner at Vege Out on Fitzroy Street.   It's always strange going back to the place where I used to live.   St Kilda is a great place and I will always love it down there.
Nice yams on the guys above!



7.  Down South

I finally got to see my house last weekend.   It's been over a year now since I bought my little house down in Geelong and it has been rented to tenants ever since.   But I got my chance to inspect the place and I was surprised to see how nice the girls there are keeping it.   While I was there I met a painter who informed me it's gonna cost between $7000 to $12000 to give the outside of it a fresh coat of paint....  eeeekkk!!   I'm not sure where that's gonna come from.    I also got to ride on the new fast train to Geelong.   The trip was just 55 minutes from Melbourne...  it's a really nice train too!



8.  Red Raw

My 'one dance party a year' was so much fun this year!    Red Raw celebrated it's 25th anniversary this year...  and the first show at 1am was very appropriate.    The rolled out Melbourne drag queens from the past 25 years.... many of them coming out of retirement to strut their stuff across the stage.   I didn't recognise many of them but I could tell from the crowd's reaction that this was really something special.  
The crowd was a lot of fun....   everyone was out for a good time.   And the music was fantastic!   I couldn't believe they played a dance mix of Christopher Cross' "Ride Like the Wind"  followed by Madonna's "Get into the Groove".  I haven't danced so much in ages!    I had said to Scott (who comes every Australia Day weekend for the party)  that this would be my last one...  I'm not so sure now. 




9.  Shot of the Week

From the Private Room...


10.  No One Likes a Showoff


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