Thailand Day 7 – Hello Massage!

Today we couldn’t get out of bed quick enough. After yesterday being the wettest day they have had here in this years wet season there was no stopping us getting out there and getting our spot under one of the hotels red beach umbrellas. So after breakfast we got together our beach gear and got our place in the sun. They even brought us some towels and a cool drink. How nice is that!

So I was in heaven. The water is so warm here (have I mentioned that before?) Seeing it is still cold back at home every part of me is lapping this up. Phillip is in his element sitting under the umbrella sipping on his drink soaking up some sun and checking out all the passing traffic. It’s so cool watching all the surfers here. To me the surf is just a ripple but seeing how they don’t get alot of wave time, like me they are soaking it up.

With the sun also comes the tourists and with the tourists comes the vendors. The good thing about this is that you dont have to go shopping, the shops come to you. But at a greater price too. I think we have got the hang of haggling with them now and they have got used to us as well so we don’t get hassled as much anymore.

After the beach we had some lunch at the Kata BBQ place next to Kata Mamas. The food is great here. Our skin had enough sun for the day so I tempted Phillip to go back to Patong and get a massage. Massage here in Thailand is everywhere! People are constantly yelling out to you as your walking down the street “you want a maaassssaaaaagge?” and some even run up to you and try and drag you into their venues. So after a little research online I found a place that I thought would be a good place to get a massage. Well after that one hour of relaxation I wish I could go everyday and for the 400 bht (around $12) you could.

After the massage we tried to find the DVD shop in Patong. We got shown one but we dont think it is the right one. So we got some things while the rain came again and then headed back over to the hotel to get ready for the Simon Cabaret Show tonight.

We got picked up at our hotel and headed back over to Patong to she see the show. This place was a bit like the Regent Cinemas back home. We got there a little early. Then the show started with the announcer stating we were about to see the greatest show on earth. This has got to be drag heaven. Lots of glam and glitter, and a little cheesy too but well worth the visit. My favourite was the Tina Turner look alike doing “Simply the best”. At the end of the show we went out the side door where all the performers were lined up calling out to us for a photo opportunity. These lady boys know how to sweet talk you. It’s so cute.

So after our photo opportunity we were taken back to the hotel, exhausted. Only three more days. Do you think we can claim assylum here?

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