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Budapest Booked

So we have booked our first place to stay on the Europe trip in December. We got a great deal at the Sofitel at “Chainbridge”. It seems to be parked alongside a beautiful river. We are actually only staying here for 3 nights. But it will give us a chance to have a little look around.

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Amazing place – a few ideas ..
1. A night River Danube tour with brilliant views of Buda & Pest
2. Get up early for walks along the bridges as the city wakes up
3. try the local pubs, massive meals cheap as .. Whole goose breast and 1l beer ~ 10 bucks!
4. A trip to the old hamam.. old city bath + massage [think its closed some days..]
5. Watch out for the Russian hookers in high heels :0
6. Turn on Grindr
Have fun!

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