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The Family Trip to Thailand

Travelling on Scoot Airlines to SIngapore
Okay it’s been a while (2 months) since the trip to Thailand.  I’ve been so busy since getting back to Australia that I haven’t had a chance to post much about it.   The trip started on the Gold Coast with my family.  We planned a long time ago to fly on the new carrier Scoot Airlines to Singapore and on ward to Bangkok.  We were going to meet the rest of our family at Bangkok airport.  Here my little brother and my dad are checking out the plane as it lands at Gold Coast airport.

Everyone enjoyed the trip, but agreed that they would rather take a direct flight in future on a full service carrier.  Scoot was okay, but the service wasn’t as good as some other airlines.  Here we all are sitting in the back rows after paying extra for forward row seats.

Singapore airport…  Bangkok airport…  my fellow travellers are getting very tired.   We still have a 2 hour road trip ahead at the end of this to get down to Pattaya.
In Pattaya we stayed at the very glam Hilton hotel.   The hotel actually seems a bit out of place in this beachside town.  But we all enjoyed the beautiful rooms, the club lounge, the pool, the cocktails etc etc.

Pattaya itself is a bit of a fun and wild town.  It’s not really the place to bring your parents, but mine seemed to have a good time.  They really liked walking around the markets and hanging out around the hotel.  My brothers and sisters liked going out to the bars and seeing the night life.  I got a chance to head around the headland to see Jomtien Beach.  I much preferred it over there where there were some nice resorts and it was much quieter.
One thing that I always enjoy in Thailand is the amazing food.   There just aren’t enough meals in the day to get to try everything.  The food, the cocktails, the juices, everything is delicious!  I could go to Thailand just to eat!

Even my dad liked to try out new places.

I can tell that this is going to be a long post about the trip to Thailand so I think I will break it up over several posts.

This Week In The Loft

Europe for Christmas 2012

Model planes of the Oneworld alliance
When am I not planning for an overseas trip?  To round off the year with my 4th overseas trip (I think it was 4), I’m heading to Europe in search of a white Christmas (again).    Last year we only saw light snow flurries in Budapest.   So this year the the plan is to hit up Budapest – Berlin – Bucharest.  And hopefully we’ll see some good dumps of snow while we are away.  On this trip I have booked apartments instead of hotel rooms for most of our stays.  It will be nice to be able to cook our own food and wash clothes as we travel. I’m VERY excited about going back to Budapest.  That city is beautiful!   And we will be in Berlin for Christmas again where we will meet up with some of our other friends from Melbourne.  I’m not looking forward to the 31 hours of flights to get to Budapest though. That’s a killer!
My Oneworld plane collection so far…