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The Family Trip to Thailand

Travelling on Scoot Airlines to SIngapore
Okay it’s been a while (2 months) since the trip to Thailand.  I’ve been so busy since getting back to Australia that I haven’t had a chance to post much about it.   The trip started on the Gold Coast with my family.  We planned a long time ago to fly on the new carrier Scoot Airlines to Singapore and on ward to Bangkok.  We were going to meet the rest of our family at Bangkok airport.  Here my little brother and my dad are checking out the plane as it lands at Gold Coast airport.

Everyone enjoyed the trip, but agreed that they would rather take a direct flight in future on a full service carrier.  Scoot was okay, but the service wasn’t as good as some other airlines.  Here we all are sitting in the back rows after paying extra for forward row seats.

Singapore airport…  Bangkok airport…  my fellow travellers are getting very tired.   We still have a 2 hour road trip ahead at the end of this to get down to Pattaya.
In Pattaya we stayed at the very glam Hilton hotel.   The hotel actually seems a bit out of place in this beachside town.  But we all enjoyed the beautiful rooms, the club lounge, the pool, the cocktails etc etc.

Pattaya itself is a bit of a fun and wild town.  It’s not really the place to bring your parents, but mine seemed to have a good time.  They really liked walking around the markets and hanging out around the hotel.  My brothers and sisters liked going out to the bars and seeing the night life.  I got a chance to head around the headland to see Jomtien Beach.  I much preferred it over there where there were some nice resorts and it was much quieter.
One thing that I always enjoy in Thailand is the amazing food.   There just aren’t enough meals in the day to get to try everything.  The food, the cocktails, the juices, everything is delicious!  I could go to Thailand just to eat!

Even my dad liked to try out new places.

I can tell that this is going to be a long post about the trip to Thailand so I think I will break it up over several posts.

This Week In The Loft

The Wedding Photographer

Oh wow.   I just had the most fun weekend I’ve had a long time.   I flew to the Gold Coast to see my little brother Troy marry his girlfriend Da.  And I was to be the wedding photographer!
The wedding was to be a fairly small affair at his mate’s house on the banks of the river at Tweed Heads.   The day was perfect!   In the morning I dropped my SLR camera from a height on to concrete and somehow it survived.   That could have been a disaster!   I had never shot a wedding before so this was going to a challenge for me.   When I photograph something different I think about who the photos are for and what I would want to see if I were that person.
Apart from the great shots and perfect day, I got to see friends and relatives that I had not seen for over 10 years.   None of my family live in Melbourne so I don’t get to see them much.   After the official ceremony we headed to the house next door where the party was quickly getting underway and the wedding band started playing.   Everyone started to get boozey and dancey…  it was so much fun!!!
Here are just a few of the hundreds of photos I took on through the day.

Mum and Dad dressing the wedding car.

Da’s first photos by the pool.

My sisters Donna and Debbie pose with Da.

My brother Greg, Donna, Da, Debbie and me pose before we leave for the wedding.

Da poses in the back of the wedding car.

My dad and Da on the way to the wedding.

Troy waits patiently for the bride to arrive at the river in Tweed Heads.

And finally the wedding is underway!

The wedding celebrant with Troy and Da.

The family. (Left to right) Debbie, Braden, Donna, me, mum, Troy, Da, dad, Emma, Greg, Sarah and Jamie.

Peace from Queensland.

Time to party!

My Aunt Kerrie posing with Da.

Posing with some of my brothers.

Party girl Donna gets ready for your debut in the wedding band.

Having a sing along with the band.

This Week In The Loft

The Wedding Band

I wanted to put this photo into a post of it’s own.  This is my little brother rocking it out with the band after his wedding over the weekend.   I’m so proud of Troy having gotten married and seeing the large group of friends who came along to party with us all afternoon.   Of course my sister couldn’t resist getting in on the act as well!

This Week In The Loft

Christmas Day on the Gold Coast

My first underwater Christmas?   It’s been a very busy time in the lead up to Christmas.   Tyson has been working like crazy to get the MelbourneLoft site moved to a new server and at the same time turning it into a more “blog style” page and keeping the webcam section.   He’s done a great job on it!
I had a little bit of bad news in the week leading up to Christmas about my health.  I have to get some surgery on my leg early in 2010.   And then I was running about like crazy getting ready to come to the Gold Coast to see my family.    But it was all worth it seeing everyone so happy on Christmas day.   I think it’s always important to have things to do on Christmas day.   So I got an underwater camera for Christmas and took a whole lot of photos in mum and dad’s swimming pool.   I’ll post a lot more once I work out how to insert a gallery in wordpress.
These shots are of me and my older brother.   I also got a new higher res webcam to bring sharper shots to MelbourneLoft.