This Week In The Loft

Christmas Day on the Gold Coast

My first underwater Christmas?   It’s been a very busy time in the lead up to Christmas.   Tyson has been working like crazy to get the MelbourneLoft site moved to a new server and at the same time turning it into a more “blog style” page and keeping the webcam section.   He’s done a great job on it!
I had a little bit of bad news in the week leading up to Christmas about my health.  I have to get some surgery on my leg early in 2010.   And then I was running about like crazy getting ready to come to the Gold Coast to see my family.    But it was all worth it seeing everyone so happy on Christmas day.   I think it’s always important to have things to do on Christmas day.   So I got an underwater camera for Christmas and took a whole lot of photos in mum and dad’s swimming pool.   I’ll post a lot more once I work out how to insert a gallery in wordpress.
These shots are of me and my older brother.   I also got a new higher res webcam to bring sharper shots to MelbourneLoft.

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