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I Spit on your Gravy

Ahhh…   I was so excited to run into this while I was look for background music for some of my Private Room videos tonite.   This really is mid-80’s St Kilda punk band royalty!   I Spit on your Gravy was getting around Melbourne pubs during the time I was coming to Melbourne for my holidays.   I particularly loved this song “Piranha”.   If anyone knows what happened to these guys please comment away.    One day I will make a movie that will go with this song.   Click on the picture above to watch the video clip  (which I think was made at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda…  1987.

This Week In The Loft

San Francisco in September

Apart from getting to hang out in San Francisco for 10 days I’m also looking forward to checking out the Folsom Street Fair again this year (on Sun 30th Sep).   The things I saw at the fair last year would make your toes curl  (is that the expression?)    After seeing all the wild outfits I am giving a lot of thought to what I will wear this year.   I wore leather last year, but the day is usually very hot.   So I’m thinking that less is best.  Any suggestions?   Please leave your comments.
To get your ideas flowing go to   and search on “Folsom Street Fair” and then change to Thumbnails.   You’ll be there for hours and eventually forget why you went there.
I met the guy in the photo above last year…   he had his pants on when I met him.

This Week In The Loft

QF73 to San Francisco

Just a quick update on my travel plans.   Using my points I have requested an upgrade to business class when I fly to San Francisco in September.   I won’t actually know if my upgrade request is successful until the day before I travel.  
Funnily enough my booking has come at the same time that Qantas has announced their new log and aircraft fitouts.   The blue seats are all turning red.   New seats, a premium economy class and new entertainment systems!  
They hava also announced some details about the upcoming A380 Airbus.   When Qantas start using the new Airbus the first long haul route will be MEL to LAX….    so I guess I should plan another US trip for next year.

Features of Qantas new A380 inflight entertainment system include:
* Wide screen monitors in all cabins with digital picture and sound quality;
* Audio and video on demand with over 100 on demand movies, 350 television selections, 500 audio CDs, 30 PC style games, as well as a selection of audio books and radio channels;
* Lonely Planet destination and arrival guides;
* Language tutorials;
* Deloitte Leadership Academy;
* Online duty free shopping;
* Moving maps, text news and weather;
* An intuitive state-of-the-art graphic user interface allowing customers to easily navigate through entertainment options or use the in-seat communications;
* Wireless connectivity throughout the aircraft;
* In-seat access to email and the internet, telephone and SMS;
* USB and RJ45 ports as well as PC power for all seats; and
* An external camera giving a pilot’s eye view of take-off, landing and cruising.

The shot below is one config for First Class in the A380.   It is not the Qantas fit out.   Qantas are going to have mini suites.    Oooh….  so spacey!

This Week In The Loft

Shot of the Week

Last weekend I did the first shoot under the new studio lights we picked up at Vanbar.   These large daylight fluro lights are amazing!   I’m not sure how I will make good use of them yet…  but they are helping me to experiment more with other aspects of photography and worry less about the lighting.   Of course the rest of this shoot is posted in the Private Room.

This Week In The Loft

All My Friends are…

Something strange has happened over the past year.   All of my closest friends, who were in long term relationships are now single again.   Each of them were in relationships from 2 to 8 years long.   And now they are single.   And I kinda like having my friends single…   it means they have more time to hang out with me.   Of course I’m sure it has much harsher impacts on their lives.
I have been single for 10 years now.   Sure I have seen people along the way…  but nothing really serious.  So it’s kinda strange to hear my friends talk about how hard it will be for them to be single again, or how much they are going to enjoy being single.   What does single really mean?   Is it possible to be single in a relationship?   That would be my ideal relationship….   company with space.
Even worse…  one of mates has found that his ex is now seeing his previous ex.    Do we have no boundaries???  
What’s the worse break up scenario you know of?   Feel free to post your comments here.