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Kyle… embarrassing to Australia

I have been seriously enjoying watching Big Brother (Australia) this year up until last night.   Channel 10 decided to do some cross promo with their upcoming reality TV show “Australian Idol” by putting one of the judges into the house for a couple of days.   Kyle is a shock jock from Sydney.  I don’t know a lot about him….    but I do know that his time in the house was harder to watch than the mouthy MIchelle who recently put the housemates through a lot of stress and was eventually evicted.    Kyle was set a task to be mean to te housemates…  but the guy ended up just becoming annoying to everyone, including the audience.   After being ignored for sometime in the diary room he picked up a mic stand and smashed his way through an exit door.   Some say this was all staged.   He spent most of his short stay questioning the housemates so much that it just became annoying.    Then later in the afternoon he left the house earlier than planned with a “headache”.   I suspect it was much more.   What a terrible choice putting this guy in the house….   it was really embarrassing.

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I must say, there’s quite a difference between these real life pics and his promotional pics. He’s looking “very Derryn Hinch” if you know what I mean.

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