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Imposter Phillip

If some stranger were to create a profile using all your photos what would they say about you?  This guy has been creating bogus profiles using my photos for years.   The username is roughly the same each time and is usually based in Montreal.   It’s interesting that this person has chosen me to be a Buddhist and I speak French.   I guess I would need to speak French to live in Montreal.   Very up to date to!  The main shot was taken just a week ago.
Well I have some advice for the person who created this bogus profile (and I know that you will be reading this)….   save me the bother and lose it.

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Wow that photo of you in the old navy shirt was just last week. What I don’t understand about these people that do this stuff is (why?). It’s a little insane, well I take that back, it’s very insane. To pick on our lovely & talented Phillip who has fans all over the planet isn’t a good idea. I guess when someone has too much time & not enough to do, the brain just kind of snaps. ( insert shower scene psycho music here )

LOL i know this guy well not know him as a friend just in the room he comes to at times and told people for years t hat he wasn’t real…and told them i told you about it and they still wouldnt believe me…i even directed them to your site and t hey still wouldn’t believe me …ahhhhhhhhh vinidication feels so damn good ahhahahahahahahaha

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