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New Digs

On my first day back from my vacation I worked my way through the city to the new office on Bourke Street.  It is actually a temporary office in an old call centre until our new office in the Docklands is ready to move in to next year.    I spent the past 4 years working in an office pretty much by myself.  So it’s strange to now be surrounded by people that I actually work with.  I’m finding it a bit chaotic but it’s not so bad.   Being busy makes the days go faster.
Mostly I’m enjoying the new scenery as I walk too abd from the office which is 3 blocks across and 4 blocks down from the Loft.   There are so many interesting ways to get there.   I even found a new supermarket with some amazing stuff in it along the way.   The office is quite close to the office I worked in during 1998 when I first moved to Melbourne.

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