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The Qantas Flight that Dripped Blood

Good name for a movie eh?
Well it hasn’t been a good week for Qantas this week.  A couple of days ago an Airbus A330 carry 303 passengers travelling from Singapore to Perth suddenly lifted and then quickly dropped, pushing many people head first into the ceiling of the plane.   There were between 30 to 40 people with pretty serious injuries.  So much so that the plane made an emergency landing at in airport in a remote location in Western Australia.
One man said that he was pinned to the ceiling for enough time to look around to see where he could possibly safely fall to.  But by the time he fell there was already broken glasses and bottles all over the place.
I’ve heard that there was a computer malfunction that allowed them to hit something called “clear air turbulance”.  Like a jet stream perhaps.   And presently they are questioning the passengers to see if anyone was using a laptop computer or any other devices using a wireless transmitter.   Back in July a man clicking on his cordless mouse was blamed for sending a Qantas jet off course.
The findings of this accident will be very interesting and may change our travels in the future.   I’m sure Qantas and Airbus will be very keen to see hear the results.   Passengers were given a refund for their flight and a free London to Sydney trip in the future.   I am guessing they would have paid for the passengers to get home and some medical expenses as well.    As a frequent flyer I can imagine just how scary those moments would have been.
Below are a few shots from inside the Airbus after it landed.

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