This Week In The Loft

That was Christmas

Christmas seemed to come and go very quickly this year.  I took a quick trip to Queensland to see my family for a few days.   It was nice and relaxing swimming in the pool (that’s me on the inflatable lounge with my nephews in the pool) and catching up on their lives.  It was way hotter there than it is here in Melbourne.   My parents have aircon installed in the house now so we could almost make it seem like a white Christmas inside the house.   We visited some of the big stores in the post-Christmas sales.   People are crazy when it comes to a sale.   Strangely Myer had NO airconditioning during the peak of the sales and had shoppers and staff passing out everywhere!   I got some really cool presents from my family…   we love buying presents for each other.
But it’s all over now and it’s back to work today.

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