This Week In The Loft

Bolwell VS125

There’s those who talk and those who walk….   and I’me doing a bloody lot of talking about this scooter and not a lot of walking!
I have been sweet on the Vmoto Monaco since I test rode it in South melbourne about a month ago.   But I have been suspect of the quality of the bike.   It seemed to run a little rougher than Dart’s Bolwell Shark.   So I have been waiting for something comparable to come onto the market.  I have been waiting a while now for the Bolwell VS125 to come to Australia.   I’d only ever seen a short video advertisement of it…  and it does look like a sexy kinda scooter.   It’s also a 125cc.   The difference is the Bolwell comes from Taiwan while the Vmoto hails from China.   Dart assures me that the Taiwanese work is better.   So ScootaCity on Elizabeth Street tells me that they’ll have them in stock this weekend.  So I’m hoping to get a test drive.   I forgot to mention that the 2 bikes are exactly the same price.   So who knows….   I might be walking this weekend.

Here is the Vmoto Monaco again so you can compare the looks of the two…

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