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New Zealand Weekend

What a great weekend! I headed off to New Zealand with Chris for the weekend. Auckland is just a 3 1/2 hour flight from Melbourne. So we got up very early on Saturday morning and arrived in NZ just before lunch in Auckland (with a 2 hour time difference). Auckland is a great city. I really like the harbour area where there are loads of great restaurants. We stayed at the Westin which is located right on the water. Most of the weekend was spent eating and exploring the city. We also stopped to check out the Sky Tower and the attached casino. New Zealanders seem to be a pretty friendly bunch too. But what I also noticed is that there are loads of people from other countries living there. It seemed like everyone we spoke to had an accent that wasn’t from New Zealand. I suspect it must be a country that has easy immigration laws. Next time I go back I’d like to stay a few more days.

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Hey Phil!
Did you really hang off the edge of that building? The photos look great! But Chris doesn’t look very happy. Is it because he’s not flying first class?

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