This Week In The Loft

Op Shopping with Greg

I have Greg from Wollongong visiting me this week. I dragged him out shopping this weekend with Tyson and Nico to look for some new (or old) furniture to furnish the Loft. I’m looking for a couch for the front room and a new couch to replace the old blue one (that is now 12 years old). We visited a whole lot of second hand furniture stores as well as new ones. But I didn’t see anything that I really liked. So I guess I’ll keep looking.
I did find a new lamp and a rug at IKEA. But I’m thinking I would like a 60’s Eames style couch for the front room and have a bit of a retro theme going in there. In the meantime Nico has been coming over and tidying it up for me to make it nicer for guests.

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