This Week In The Loft

Posting for the Sake of Posting

Well here it is!   I have turned This Week in the Loft into a more bloggish style of area so that I can post more often and in less time.   Rather than wait for a bunch of things to talk about (and forget half of them) I can post during each week.  Won’t that be fun?
And I’m going to start with my 5 days off work and on shoots.   I spent my 5 days shooting 5 models.   2 of them cancelled and one was replaced.  So I ended up doing 4 shoots.  2 here at the Loft and the otehr 2 in a hotel in the city.  It’s a shame the sun didn’t come out beacuse I much prefer doing photo shoots outdoors.  Here is a shot from one of the shoots.   I am REALLY happy about how my camera is performing at the moment.  Those tips from Tyson have really paid off.

Shot of the Week


















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