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CraigsList Ad of the Week

I am hooked on Craigslist!   I have spent an enormous amount of time pawing over the uncensored ads placed on this site based out of the US.  And tonite I found this ad in Melbourne.   It’s pretty recent too if you’re interested.

“Flamboyant ex convict, early 20s, with nut allergy, seeks old womaniser who is all out of options for brutal times together in a dark, damp wine cellar or basement (you supply).  Must have thick cock, ink and piercings, and a willingness to tolerate a few cuts and bruises about the head and face from my occasional mauling and brawling outside public bars in Carlton.  Fetishes for lycra, spandex and glue-sniffing are good with me, and a willingness to re-enact scenes from “Oz” a big plus. And if you’ve got weekend movie tickets to “Hairspray” then hook me up.  Marilyn Manson fans, come’n get it. This is daddy time, your place or mine. Ice ice baby.”

2 replies on “CraigsList Ad of the Week”

Wow! isn’t he just a living doll. How can this great catch be still available.
I wonder if he’s into spooning like on the show OZ ? it looked a little painful, but interesting. I’m only kidding, too much ink and kink.

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