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My Life in Hotel Rooms

I do wonder why I pay rent on the Loft when I’m hardly ever there lately.   I’m still in Sydney and still moving round hotels.   I started at the Marriott a couple of weeks ago, then moved to the Hilton, now I’m at Fraser Suites and on Monday I move back to the Marriott.  Why you ask?   Well my work location keeps changing.  But hopefully later this week my work committments in Sydney will slow down and I can get back to Melbourne.   The nicest room had to be at the Hilton in the Sydney CBD.   Apart from the auto debit minibar when you lift any items from the fridge, I really liked this room.  It had the deepest bathtub I’ve ever seen in a hotel room.  And the staff will come fill it, place candles around it…  and throw in some rose petals!!   I really should start reviewing hotel rooms.   I’ve seen some shockers!

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Weekly Melbourne/Sydney commuter here.
Fraser Suites rocks if you get a high floor one-bedroom suite overlooking Town Hall. Great Molton Brown bathroom shit that you feel like stealing when you leave. And a good little gym and pool makes up for the slightly aloof staff at the reception desk.
Auto-debit snack tray things at the Sydney Hilton suck too. Pick up a wine bottle or a packet of nuts to see what they are and eureka, your account has been charged, just like the shit in the fridge. You’re better off in the bars anyway, the Sydney Hilton has the coolest collection of drinking spots in the city except maybe for The Establishment, which I love to bits too. The Living Well gym at the Hilton, with sauna and steam rooms for Africa, is probably one of the better hotel gyms in the whole city. I fall madly in love every time I stay there.
In all your hotel hopping if you find a hotel with a 24hr gym please post about it. What is it with all these conventional fucks who think everybody in the world works normal hours?
Oh and try out the new 5-star Diamant in Kings Cross Rd next time. Pretty slick.

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