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South Coast Action

I had such a great time up in Wollongong over the Australia Day long weekend.   Apart from it being my birthday we also spent a lot of time lazing and playing up at the beach.  Frank found this great deserted beach just north of Wollongong for us to take some great shots on.   Of course we dragged some along to be our test models.   We even picked up some surfboards for the trip.   I’ll post the shots and vids in the Private Room soon.  In the meantime you can already check out the shoots from the January beach shoots now.    Long live summer!

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A very hot photo. So evident the dudes are having a good time
and are close friends.
See so many photos of straigt guys doing the same intimate
stuff, and just enjoy being together. Maybe mutual sex
shared, but who cares. They are bonding as dudes, so great.

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