This Week In The Loft

Melbourne Bike Share

I love that the RACV has gotten together with the Melbourne City Council to introduce our very own bike share arrangement around the city.   This is fantastic!   Soon there will be 50 stations around the city where you will be able to pick up and drop off bikes.  You can take a bike for up to 30 minutes before you are charged extra.  You play either $2.50 a day, $8 a week or $50 a year for the privelege.   I first spotted the idea in Barcelona last year.   In Barcelona there must be thousands of the bikes because everyone is riding them!    There will only be 600 initially in Melbourne.    It has been reported that the take up here has not been that great,  but this could be blamed on the fact that it is winter, we have had a lot of rain, and you must had a bike helmet with you to be able to ride the bikes….   or face a fine.   Well done Melbourne!   Another reason why I love this city!