This Week In The Loft

Leaving Loft 1

It’s a little bit of sad news today and I thought it appropriate to share it here. Back in January the tenants moved out of Loft 1. The small apartment I bought back in 2002 and where and the live webcam was born. I had loads of happy times here with making stuff for MelbourneLoft, the radio show and all my friends. But the time has come to part ways with the property. It was becoming quite expensive to keep an old property in the middle of the city. And it was starting to become a bit stressful. So last month a real estate agent put it up for auction and sold it. ┬áIn the coming days I will hand over the keys to the new owners. I will take the money and start some new memories somewhere else.
I was really impressed by the process of selling the apartment. Below are some photos taken after a staging company furnished it for the month long sale process. It was kinda fun hanging out there again during the campaign.