This Week In The Loft

All Booked for the USA!

Well this is very exciting news.   I have been holding off talking about this until all the bookings were actually made.   The last time I tried to book a trip to the US this close to the departure date it all fell apart because I could not get all the bookings I wanted.
I’ve booked to travel to San Francisco 7th May and New York 13th May.   I’m staying at the guesthouses where I stayed on previous trips.   They both have a really nice feel about them.   And since I am travelling alone it’s always nice to meet other travellers which rarely happens in a big hotel.   Both cities are very exciting and I have friends in both places.   It will be my 8th visits to San Francisco and my 5th visit to New York.
Now I’m hoping this huge collage of my previous visits to the US will load okay.  You may have to download it to see the full size.

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