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Bus Racing

I loved this piece of news when I read it this morning.  Apparently there is a dedicated bus tunnel somewhere in western Sydney where the bus drivers are drag racing each other through the tunnel.   The camera shots are of the buses shooting out of the tunnel.   Now let’s get some reality here…  the tunnel has a 20 km per hour limit.   These guys are doing 75 km / hr through the tunnel.   Not knowing the tunnel I don’t know how hazardous this could be.   But 75 clicks is not really that fast.   I remember hour excited I would get when my school bus would pick up speed in crowded areas.    But that’s just me.  There is one shot of a bus hitting the wall there.
Oh dear god I hope they  have video footage of these buses on A Current Affair tonite.  I’ve really got a thing for bus racing now.   Apparently the guys were also photographing themselves racing….  I want the photos…  and hopefully there’ll be some video too!   They also complained of bad backs because of speed humps in the tunnels…  and had them removed!   I love these guys!
Now get yourself over to Google and type in Bus Racing.   You will be surprised…

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