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Bigpond Movies

This is a bit spooky.   Last night I got onto Bigpond Movies after being sent a promo flyer about their DVD delivery service during the week.   It’s been years since I actually rented a DVD because movie rental stores just don’t exist here in the city.   Anyway, I’m on a trial of 15 free rentals.  Last night I got onto the site and picked out a bunch of movies.   And the spooky thing is that one of them was in my PO box this morning!   Did they actually rush my first delivery?   It’s really weird that it came so quickly.
So tonite is movie night in the Loft.  We’ll be watching Jonathan Caouette’s documentary about his life called “Tarnation”.

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How have you found the service? In my first 6 weeks I have returned 3 scratched/unplayable, one was completely broken, one arrived that was not in My Queue and one that had ‘arrived twice, that I have returned twice’ that I never actually received!

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