This Week In The Loft

Airport 77

I’ve sat through a bunch of movies from Bigpond this week.  And the best one had to be Airport 77.     I thought I had seen it before, but it must have been anotehr movie.    After all the talk lately about the fitout of the new A380 Airbus I can’t help to think the designers may have watched Airport 77 for some inspiration. The old Boeing 747  (so old that it had no door on the upper deck)  was decked out as a half precious cargo carrier, and the other half a space for a big cocktail party.    Apart from the lounges there didn’t appear to be seats for everyone…   so I don’t know what positions they all took when the thing took off.    But I do know the positions they were all in when they crashed…  standing with cocktails in one hand.
It was the seventies…   so it was okay to have a black barman and a blind man playing the piano  (and I think he regained his sight just before he died after being crushed by his piano).   The plane was magnificent !   In all it’s splendid 70’s psychadelic patterns it still looked like a swank party house as it sunk to the bottom of the ocean floor.   This movie is a keeper…   someday I want to fit out an apartment in brown shag pile carpet and psychadelic wallpaper….  and have flight attendants scampering across it as oxygen masks drop from the ceiling.

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