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The End of the Road

I have some very sad news.   We’ve had my mum’s car in our family for 25 years.   I remember how bright and shiny the red Nissan Skyline (with the sports pack) was the day mum brought it home.   I remember she left it parked at the end of the drive near the street so that all the neighbours could see it.   We had some pretty amazing long car trips in the Skyline when we were kids.   It took us to our grandparents in Wagga and my sister’s place in Queensland so many times.
Late on Friday night some people (who we don’t know) took iron bars to the car as it was parked out in the street.  They then marched down to the road to my parent’s house and threw the iron bars through the front windows of the house before taking off.   We have no idea of their motives.  But there has been bunches of teenage kids hanging around the streets late at night causing trouble and vandalising cars and houses.  
Unfortunately my dad hasn’t been able to find a replacement glass piece for the back hatch.   So he is shortly going to put the car on Ebay.   It’s really sad since the car holds so many memories for my family.   If you click the picture above you can watch the video clip I made about the Skyline 2 years ago.

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