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Back to the 80's

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was tonite when I searched YouTube for the band “Blue Ruin” as I do several times a year.  And I found this video clip (which I had no idea existed) !    It was lifted from ABC’s late night music video show “RAGE”.   I was deeply into Blue Ruin in the late eighties when they ruled the Melbourne pub band circuit…  and occasionally the Kardomah Cafe in Kings Cross in Sydney.   This clip features probably their most successful song “Bad Gin” and the very original line up.   You may remember that over 1 year ago they put on a reunion gig at the Corner Hotel in Richmond.   During the late eighties I had a major crush on the lead singer Ian “Quincy” Mclean.   I once came to Melbourne to watch him do a Tom Jones review in a small bar…  best night out ever!   Click on the video above to make it play…   the clip is really cheesey…  nothing at all like the gigs they played.

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