This Week In The Loft

Bada Bing!

Okay…  another reason why I have been so quiet lately is because I’ve been hooked on the HBO Jersey mafia series The Sopranos.   I love this show!   Maybe not as much as the West Wing but it’s still pretty dam good.  I love the way that the final series are shot more like an independant movie than a TV series…   and the acting is superb.   I sit there watching episodes in a row waiting to see who gets whacked next.   I’m on the last series now where just when you think everything is falling apart things seem to come together again.   If you haven’t checked out the Sopranos I suggest you do…  and start at series 1 so you know what’s going on.   I think watching the Sopranos is having some affect on me…  I’ve started paying for my lunch with cash in envelopes.

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