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Corey's MySpace Party

I love this story today.   It’s the story of Corey who advertised a party at his parent’s house in the Melbourne suburb while his folks were on vacation over the weekend.    Well apparently he had all good intentions but then 500 people turned up, the police turned up, and bottles were hurled at the police by the alcohol fueled teenagers.   It almost makes the suburbs look like fun!   But what struck me the most was the fact that Corey has spent the past day and a half at home alone with his mates taking on the media pack lined up on his front lawn….  and even funnier that he spent the time going to and from the house half naked!   He actually made the main news story tonight!    It was just a kids party!

I can’t wait to see the photos of Corey’s parents arrive home as that drive over the beer bottles in their driveway.   The full news story from the spicey Courier Mail is below the shot below.  








A Melbourne teenager who threw a wild party while his parents were away is facing a $20,000 hangover as police prepare to bill him for the mayhem.   Victorian Police Commissioner Christine Nixon said the cost of breaking up the 500-strong crowd of drunken youths in Narre Warren South on Saturday night was about $20,000, if not more.  About 30 officers, a police helicopter and the dog squad were called to the party in Galloway Drive about 11pm (AEDT).  Teenagers pelted police vehicles with glass bottles and damaged property. Ms Nixon said the behaviour toward police was appalling. She said police were considering billing the boy, to spare the community the cost.

“I’m very unhappy about it, watching police officers treated in that fashion,” Ms Nixon said.

“That young man invited hundreds of people to his house, not responsible at all in any way, 500 people turned up and caused great harm to the community, a great deal of expense to Victoria Police.’  The crowd eventually dispersed and no-one was arrested.  The boy, Corey, told Channel Nine he knew he had invited a lot of people but could not remember how the party started.

“I was just off my head,” he said.   He said he had notified his neighbours.

“We warned them, we said the party would be finished at like 12(am) and they were like ‘sweet, sweet, sweet,’ but then they called the cops anyway, so we were like ‘oh, damn’,” he said.

Ms Nixon said she was disappointed the youth seemed to have shown no remorse. “That young man didn’t even seem like he was repentant,” she said.  “I think he needs to learn a lesson and one way or another, we’ll do that.”  Ms Nixon said police occasionally billed members of the public.

“In this case, our cars have been damaged, it will be difficult for us to determine exactly who damaged the cars, but that young man called the party, invited people there and has a responsibility,” she said. Victoria’s Acting Premier Rob Hulls said he had been told the parents were unaware the party was being organised and were “horrified” and extremely apologetic when police told them what had happened.

“I certainly wouldn’t want to be a fly on the wall when mum and dad arrive home,” Mr Hulls said.

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