This Week In The Loft

The Sun Shines in Melbourne

I was so happy to see the sun come out this weekend.   When we got off the plane earlier this week I was sad to see that it was still cold in Melbourne.  But I think that was just Melbourne’s weather misbehaving.   I have been dying to get back into taking photos outside, so Brad popped in today to model for me on the rooftop.   I want to pick up my photography more now and hopefully work more on my blogging and photography next year.    Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo book deal this year, but the publishers in Germany are still interested in working with me.

This Week In The Loft

Berlin in Autumn

It’s actually my last day in Europe today so I thought I’d quickly update my blogs before I make the journey south to Thailand.
The first thing you will notice when you leave Tegal Airport in Berlin this month is the beautiful trees.   The autumn colours are amazing!   The air is very cool and fresh.   Just the day before we arrived in Berlin the weather forecasted the possibility of snow.   So here I am in Tier Garden, one of the most beautiful inner city parks in the world.  We walked from Zoo Station to the Brandenburg Gate, which is pretty much the entire 7km length of it.   We spotted a lot of wild life in the park….  and not just of the animal kind!
I thought Berlin was going to be about a lot of clubbing, but on this visit we actually spent most of it touring, shopping and eating.   This is my 5th visit to Berlin and I will never get sick of coming here.    I’ve found a great little guesthouse in Schoneberg where I can stay for very little money.    I would like to come back when the snow is falling here.

Here you can rent the vehicles that were once only ever found in East Berlin.

A myth?   Under this residential courtyard is where Hitler’s bunker was built and where he later died.    The position of this children’s playground is where the body was taken and burned.   Pretty grim stuff.   My travelling buddy Chris is very sceptical.

I’ve become a Ka De We department store food court frequent flyer on this visit to Berlin.    Ka De We dedicates it’s 2 top floors to food and wine from all over the world.   I could spend a day there alone sampling the yummy food.

Here I am with Kylie in an east Berlin flea market on a brisk Sunday afternoon.    It is not far from here that we found a long stretch of the Berlin wall still standing.