This Week In The Loft

Going Home

Going home always seems to take longer than the trip to your holiday destination.  From door to door it took 26 hours to get home from Marc’s place in Vancouver.   At first it was a bit tricky getting through US customs at Vancouver airport, and then I seemed to be a bit lost at LAX.   I actually had to walk down the road from one terminal to get to the Qantas connection at the Tom Bradley terminal.   Very strange since I was not meant to stop in LA.   If I had have known that I might have spent a couple of days there.   
But the flight on Qantas home was quite nice…   a couple of sleeping pills and I was out for 8 hours of the trip.   And then I fell asleep on the couch when I got home.   A short time later I woke up and looked around the room thinking….   my place looks just like this room.  
I will put a gallery of my holiday snaps up soon.

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