This Week In The Loft

Mall Parker

My friend Marc claims to be the best mall parker as he pulled our rented Seabring into a spot at the Seattle Premuim Outlets mall.   We did an amazing amount of shopping in our 2 day trip over the US border to Seattle.   I sent home 2 large boxes of clothes and shoes to Australia so I wouldn’t have to cart them onto the plane…   and that costed a fortune!   But it was pretty amazing how cheap stuff is in the US now.   Especially shoes for some strange reason.   Anyway, I actually started this post to talk about US customs…  they really are quite full on.   Especially when I compare them to the Australian and Canadian border control officials.    These guys were yelling at car drivers to stop for no reason at all and marching all over the road initimidating people waiting in the long car lines.   And god help you if you got out of your car to walk to the nearby toilets!
I can understand the job they are doing….  but some of these guys are not human.   I really do feel sorry for people who commute regularly in the US.

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